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Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection

Details about the project

Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection

For many years, people have contacted us about photographs; they've wanted QueenSpark to find them, archive them, identify them, or publish them - and in most cases we've had to say 'no', as we've had neither the physical space, nor the expertise, to do so.

However, two years ago we decided that we had to do something, and sought the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable us to create a 'people's photographic history' of Brighton & Hove - one that everybody can see, and to which everybody can contribute.

The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection was launched on 20 October 2011 at a packed event at the Old Courtroom. Here you can see Peter Chrisp with one of the photographs in the book that he donated to the collection.

B&H Photographic Collection - Volume IB&H Photographic Collection - Volume I
QueenSpark's 100th book
B&H Photographic Collection - Volume IIB&H Photographic Collection - Volume II
Leica inspired second volume
Barry PitmanBarry Pitman
Latest guest curator of the collection
JJ WallerJJ Waller
Guest curator of the collection
Mark PowerMark Power
Inaugral curator of the collection
Moments in TimeMoments in Time
Argus article by Nione Meakin
Photographic websitePhotographic website
Thank youThank you
From the Ukrainian programming team
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