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Invaluable support from organisations


Over many years QueenSpark's most notable partnerships have been with the museum and the two local universities.

Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries
QueenSpark has collaborated with staff from the Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries, Brighton & Hove on many projects over the years, and we continue to value their advice and support.

We would also like to thank them for allowing us to reproduce photographs in our books, calendars, and on the website.

Brighton & Hove City Council
We are very grateful for the financial support, via the Three Year Discretionary Grant Programme, of Brighton & Hove City Council and for the use of the Mayor's Parlour hosted by Brighton Mayor, Councillor Anne Meadows for our patron celebration event.

University of Brighton
QueenSpark collaborates with many departments of the University of Brighton, and contributes ideas to a number of courses; we gratefully acknowledge the support – in office space and facilities – offered by the University.

University of Sussex
QueenSpark has a long-standing association with the University of Sussex, particularly its Centre for Life History Research and the Mass Observation Archive.

Desktop Display
We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable and continuing ICT support given by local digital media company Desktop Display.

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