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Clementina Black (1853 - 1922)

By Darren Barnett

Clementina Black (1853 - 1922)

Author and Womens Rights Campaigner. Born in Brighton.

Her first novel A Sussex Idyll was published in 1877. She was very involved in Womens Rights & labour issues throughout her life and one of the most successful of her books was 'The Agitator', a novel based on her experiences as a trade union leader.

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Clementina Black led the campaign for a Mimimum Wage which was brought in for certain sweated trades [unskilled work] in 1909. As well as writing novels she wrote non fiction too. Her most famous work was Married Women's Work 1915 in which women social investigators under her supervision interviewed poor working mothers about their work. Margaret Bondfield, another Brighton woman who went on to be the 1st woman Cabinet Minister was one of these investigators.

Black was never a trade union leader but worked with other women, such as Annie Besant of Match Girls fame, to help women organise themselves in women only unions.

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