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'Save from the waves'

By Janine

'Save from the waves'

The five books I would save from the waves would be:

1) 'Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times' Neil Astley (ed.)
For me it's like self-help in poetry book form. Whether you're in a rage or just need a hug, this book has the poem with the remedy. There are lessons to be learnt in the philosophy of art.

2) 'The Complete Lyrics 1978-2007' Nick Cave
This book can be picked up and read like a poetry book. Each song is written with truth and depth, sometimes dark sometimes funny but always inspiringly beautiful.

3) 'If You Liked School You'll Love Work' Irvine Welsh
Whimsically surreal and darkly comic, never fails to grip and entertain me. Partly written in Scottish dialect which is a rewarding challenge to translate as it brings the characters to life.

4) 'Mrs Dalloway' Virginia Woolf
This book first sparked my fascination with nineteenth century England. This book is steeped in history, symbolism and descrptive detail, written in a way that brings you inside the character's minds.

5) 'Surfacing' Margaret Atwood
Mysterious and sentimental. A marvellously harrowing account of the power of nature and the human mind.

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