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B&H Photographic Collection - Volume I

By Stella Cardus

B&H Photographic Collection - Volume I

'The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection - Volume I' is a selection of 50 images submitted by the general public for the launch of QueenSpark Books online photographic collection. Featuring the quirky and funny, the book is a testament to the diverse people and history of the city.

However, at QueenSpark we are very aware that 'history starts today'; a current photograph - maybe one that doesn't appear interesting on the surface - acquires resonance through the years. This is why our collection includes contemporary as well as historic photographs; so if you've taken an interesting photograph today, we'd love to see it.

You can submit your own photographs online and / or purchase a copy of the book.

'The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection - Volume II' is also now available. This includes sixty six new images and essays from key contributor's to the website including Magnum photographer, Mark Power.

Look out for the striking book jack in local and regional stores. Created by volunteer designer, Adam Moore (who is also contributing to the Alt-Brighton graphic novel), it harks back to a day before digital photography when leica cameras were king!

This page was amended on 08/07/2014
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