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Book of the month

By Nicola Benge

Book of the month

During July and August our Book of the Month is Brighton Trans*formed. This is in honour of Trans Pride in July and Gay Pride in August 2015. This can be purchased for half its cover price - a bargain at £6 plus postage and packing.

Brighton Trans*formed preserves previously untold stories for future generations, with a much-needed exploration into the diversity of gender expression within the city. It’s contributors range from 18 to 81 years old with very different life experiences. All of their testimonies have in common an absolute honesty and openness: contributors shared their joys and tragedies; adversities faced, and a display of strength and resolve to be themselves.

E-J Scott, QueenSpark's Curator of the trail, said: “It is time for our communities to stand up proud and be counted, so that we can deconstruct the media’s spectacularization of our lives and our bodies that reinforces old-fashioned, out of date myths and malarkey about who trans people really are. This exhibition showcases the bravery of individuals who want to live in a Brighton free of transphobia and violence. By seeing our faces and hearing our stories we share the reality of our world - we are simply people who love, cry and live our lives like everybody else - and want to be respected for it.”

This page was amended on 22/07/2015
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Book of the monthBook of the month
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