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Book of the Month

By Nicola Benge

Book of the Month

Our monthly special offer!

This month we have our best selling book of all time - Backyard Brighton. This is a digital version for e-readers and computers, so if you fancy a read with updated images and tales of Brighton's past you can have a gander for only £2.99!

Backyard Brighton, originally published in 1988, was a seminal book; produced in association with the Lewis Cohen Urban Studies Centre. The collection of photographs and reminiscences was based on material gathered by Brighton Borough Council with the intention of creating a record of houses that were scheduled for demolition during the 1930s. This electronic edition contains a new selection of photographs. The file you will receive - up to 24 hours after we get confirmation of your order - is Kindle friendly, although as it is in pdf format it can be viewed and read by anybody with Adobe Reader.

Please note that 'postage' will be added to your order - strictly speaking, this is an admin charge associated with supplying you with this very rare electronic edition of a famous book - we trust you understand. 

Out of print for many years, 'Backyard Brighton' can now be enjoyed as an e-book. This contains all the material gathered by the Council plus a new selection of photographs. The downloadable file is a PDF. It is Kindle friendly and it can be viewed and read with Adobe Reader.

This page was amended on 07/10/2015
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