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'Save from the waves'

By Victoria Hepburn

'Save from the waves'

These are the books I would save from the waves:

1) 'Epic of Gilgamesh'
I love mythic texts and this takes my mind to another place completely.

2) 'White Noise' Don DeLillo
Sarcastic look at the nasty consumer world and all its wonders and disasters.

3) 'Midsummer Night's Dream' William Shakespeare
Yes, I am a geek but who can resist the magic of Shakespeare.

4) 'Whole Story and other stories' Ali Smith
A fantastic writer showing how wonderful it is to write. Each story describes the moments with such intimacy as to reveal Smith's love affair with words and to enflame the readers' passion for books.

5) 'Therapeutic Dimensions of Creative Writing' Celia Hunt
This got me into writing in a big way!

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