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ZAP archive

By John Riches

ZAP archive

In late October 2006 QueenSpark helped Zap Art to celebrate twenty-five years of innovation with the launch of the 'ZAP' book.

Featuring the 'Wild Wigglers' above, this uses the Zap's collection of videos, posters, flyers, listings, recordings and other artefacts to chart the organisation's wild ride across a diverse cultural terrain encompassing performers, poets, musicians, dancers, comedians, Live Artists, DJs and pyrotechnicians.

The book's unique content is searchable through our archive and, if enough votes are registered, we may offer the book for sale in the future.

In the meantime, you can download it chapter by chapter from www.zaparchive.org, a resource built and hosted by Desktop Display, architects of the QueenSpark archive and website.

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