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Photographic website

By John Riches

Photographic website

QueenSpark has launched an online photographic collection of historic and contemporary images of the city.


This unique collection is a 'People's History' of the city using images that have been collected over the last 18 months at community events, media appeals and via our website. The public events at, for instance, the Jubilee Library, Saltdean Library, Patcham Library, Fabrica Art Gallery and Hove Library, were led by volunteers and we collected some fabulous photographs such as this one of Ragweek in Trafalgar Street 1955.

Fifty of the images donated by the general public also feature in a very special book offering a fascinating insight into the city's people, places and events, both past and present.

The website is a 'live' site, and we very much want local people to submit their photos to the collection (although we will be scanning and digitally storing the photos, rather than keeping the physical image).

This page was amended on 09/05/2012
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